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Friday, January 22, 2010

Avoid Haiti Charity Scams

There’re few pointers that would keep you on the safe side of the track from becoming a victim of Haiti’s email scams. I have already received a couple of these emails, requesting me to donate to Haiti’s distressed communities. I thought that I might not be the only who has received these emails, you probably have too - if not, you sure will soon enough. Therefore, my advice in short is: When you make donations – keep the following in mind:
- Be on your guard against email appeals.
- Watch out for new charities with no history of dealing with the calamity of this magnitude.
- Know how SMS donations work – it could literally take a month before your donations reach Haiti. So, the best option is to donate cash to more reputable charity organisations.
- Finally, watch out for claims that “100% of Money goes to the victims”. Every charity organisation has administrative cost to keep in check, as a result there’s no way that 100% of funds donated can be given to victims.

I hope this information is useful for your own protection.

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