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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

The Power of Planning

The Dynamics of Personal Achievements begin with an Effective Time Management Strategy. In a nutshell, Planning your activities (Yearly, Monthly, Weekly, Daily and Hourly) is central to your success. Because Time is Absolute and does not depend on any conditions for it to exist, you must be aware of how you presently use your time. This knowledge helps you to scrutinize the time you spend doing important things and that which you spend doing unimportant staff, and you can therefore, see clearly – how much of your Life is being spent in vain. The following categories are important in planning your 2008 activities:

1) Must Do: Here you only do things that are Essential! Remember, “when something becomes
Urgent and Essential” you are already late.

2) Should Do: Here is only things that are Important but not Indispensable, in other words these are things you can do as soon as possible.

3) Nice To Do: These things are not Important neither are they Essetial. These you do when it’s convinient to do so.

One of the biggest impediments to effective planning and time management is procrastination. Whenever you are tempted to put something off, be fully dedicated to acting on it without delay. Otherwise you will hope that 2008 becomes a better year for the next 9 months, and before you know it, it’s year-end and start hoping for a better 2009. By the time you wakeup from all your hopes, you’re 65 and ready for retirement. My advise, “Start Now, to retire from your retirement”

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Eish,mara. Easier said than done hey. So many time we plan things and they dont work out. We make deadlines or we are given dealines and unable to meet them for some reason.

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